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X-Trend Fitness Company, Exercise Equipment Manufacturer

X-Trend X-Trend Fitness Company, Exercise Equipment Manufacturer
X-Trend Fitness was a new line of business established by Luntai Enterprise Co., Ltd in 2004, which was involved in the manufacture of Fitness Equipment sector. Luntai Enterprise currently operates four solid manufacturing units of business including an injection molding dies design firm, an injection molding plastics plant, a precision welding and fabrication factory, and an integrated assembly line. We upgrade all of their facilities on a continual basis to ensure that they remain state of the art and meet quality compliance. Moreover, Luntai Enterprise is ISO-9001:2000 AFAQ certified, and its ability to design high quality streamlined fitness equipment from our experienced R&D team members has become our core value, so as to exceed customers’ satisfaction and expectation.

Luntai Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a leading company in Taiwan specialized in the manufacture of scooter and automobile components. Our expertise in areas of injection molding dies design, injection molding plastics production, precision welding and fabrication, and assembly has been strengthened and proved our capabilities in offering quality products and services, which enable us to stand out in the market and become the leading scooter parts supplier for YAMAHA Taiwan – one of the world’s reputed small engine manufacturer and Scooter and Outboard Propeller marketer. As a result, Luntai Enterprise has been awarded as the best scooter components supplier several times by YAMAHA Taiwan throughout a number of years. The company website can be accessed at


X-Trend Building:

X-Trend R&D Department

‧Product Design

‧Sample Making

‧Treadmill Mechanical Structure Life Test

‧Temperature Raise Test-Motor & Electrical Parts

X-Trend Production Department

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LV-1000

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LE-9000i

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LT-2000

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LT-6000

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LU-7000i

‧Production Department Assembly Line-LR-8000i

‧Adjusting and Testing

‧Anechoic Chamber-Noise Testing

‧Quality Control

‧Quality Control

‧Product Packing

‧Storage and Warehouse

X-Trend Sales Department